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Attorneys Ray Curtis, Cathy Curtis, and Ian Puczkowski, and their legal support staff take a hands on approach with clients facing various legal challenges.  It is our Firm's goal to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients' unique situations.  This means more than just helping you understand the fundamentals of the law.  It means helping you see the interrelation between the law, procedure, and external factors that can impact the ultimate outcome of your case, and then letting you choose the best path forward.




Our Firm offers general corporate representation, trust and estate planning, banking, criminal defense, probate, guardianship, personal injury and wrongful death, contract, construction, administrative, family, and governmental law.

Notable Outcomes

Stand Your Ground Motion is Granted.  "Being so authorized, the Defendant did utilize reasonable force...As such...The Defendant is immune from further prosecution concerning the events upon which the instant prosecution is predicated, and this cause is DISMISSED." - Order of the Court

Multiple DUIs reduced to Reckless Driving or Dismissed


Successfully fought for Mother to terminate Father's parental rights due to abandonment of the Child.  Petition GRANTED. - Order of the Court


Prevailed in a quiet title action over disputed land.


Prevailed in a dispute between a real estate purchase and sale agreement, and a right of first refusal.  Our client enforced his rights pursuant to the right of first refusal.

Successfully defended an attempt to overturn our client's prenuptial agreement, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"I am pleased with the results of my representation from the Curtis Law Firm!  Ray Curtis is the King Ranch Edition Attorney of Perry; top of the line swagger in the court room. Very confident , precise and classy with his style. If you want professional results and consistent consultation you'll want to hire The Curtis Law Firm."  - Pleased Client




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Areas of Practice

Criminal Law

Family Law​

DUI and Traffic Offenses​

Estate Planning​​​​​

Real Estate

Transactions and Litigation

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death​​​​

Business and Contracts​​​​​​​​​

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