Not to be confused with a Title Search or Closing Costs, Title Insurance rates are highly standardized costs governed by the state of Florida. These “Promulgated Rates,” as outlined in the chart below, directly correspond to the standard title insurance rate guidelines as set by the state. If you are interested in a Title Quote & Closing Cost Estimate, submit a Title Request or call us at 850-584-5328. 


Lenders almost universally require the ALTA 8.1 (Environmental Protection Lien Endorsement) and the Florida Endorsement Form 9 (relating to property Restrictions, Easements, and Minerals). The additional cost of the 8.1 is $25.00. The cost of the Form 9 is 10% of the total premium required for the lender’s and owner’s policies.


Other endorsements or riders may be required based on the type of loan you have, the type of property that is being purchased, or other factors. Courier charges, miscellaneous fees, or other factors could also affect your costs. You may or may not be eligible for a reduction in premium based on the amount of prior title insurance already in effect. The rates quoted herein are meant only to be approximations. The Curtis Law Firm does not warrant or guarantee the absolute accuracy of this information. Rates are subject to change without notice.

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