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Practice Areas

Our firm offers legal services for a wide variety of issues that may arise including, but not limited to, the ones described below.  Set an appointment today to see if we can be of service to you.


Contract formation is the foundation for almost every transaction a person or business makes.  Whether it be a lease agreement, purchase and sale agreement, agreement for services, or otherwise, you will be bound to the language set out within the four corners of the document.  The danger lies in the unintended consequences.  What happens if a condition is not timely fulfilled?  What are the timeframes involved?  What if the other party is trying to set themself up for an unseen advantage?  It is always prudent to have a contract drafted and/or reviewed by an attorney.  Even attorneys have other attorneys review contracts, because they know that once the ink dries, they will live by the terms of the contract.



Family Law

The events leading to the litigation of a family law matter are, for many, the most difficult of their lives. For example, the strong emotions accompanying the end of a relationship, coupled with uncertainty over the welfare of your children and your financial future, may have a devastating effect on your ability to function in your everyday life.


You deserve close attention to your individual legal needs during this time from an experienced and dedicated attorney.


We strive to craft creative solutions for the variety of issues that arise in a family law dispute.  We always attempt to work cooperatively with those on the other side, but if an out-of-court settlement is not possible, we stand ready to forcefully present your case at trial. Our goal is to guide you through the family law process with the full protection of your legal rights, the least amount of delay and the responsible use of funds available.

Criminal Law

A Criminal charge can signicantly alter a person's life and career path, especially if they retain an inadequate defense lawyer to handle their case. The Court experience itself can be taxing on a person's emotions and health due to the stress of the situation, and if they are convicted, the penalties could devastate their career, finances, and relationships.  Attorney Ray Curtis has handled thousands of criminal defense cases ranging from petit theft to aggravated assault to drug trafficking.  Mr. Curtis has a reputation for hard work and zealous representation earned by years of fighting tirelessly for his clients.  Schedule an appointment with Mr. Curtis today to make sure your rights are protected.


Real Estate

If you find yourself in a boundary dispute, easement issue, condemnation action, or other real estate dispute, we are ready to take action to protect your interests in your property.  We also handle residential and commercial transactions from title examinations, title insurance, and closing services.


Construction Law

By the time a person recognizes the need for an attorney related to a building construction issue, something has usually already gone awry.  There may have been a defective installation.  It may have occurred years prior.  It is important to realize that there are specific procedures to follow and deadlines to meet, and that failure to do so can come at great expense.  If you suspect that you may need to consult with an attorney regarding a building construction issue, you should not delay.

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